Lamm has designed a “Valuation Playbook” for Lessors and Banks that are interested in acquiring a Pool of Assets (“Portfolios”) or lessors that are interested in selling their company to a larger leasing company or bank and presenting the key financial criteria that posture the potential leasing company for sale in the most favorable light.

Sales and Acquisition of Portfolio or Company

The Playbook helps analyze a Leasing Company’s value based on its existing receivables, types and percentage/amount/value at expiration of lease term of assets and Pipeline. The Playbook also includes such valuable information as a year by year analysis of repeat customers, rates and depreciation of the secured assets-equipment, as well as delinquencies, leases coming to term, purchase options, substitute equipment options and third-party maintenance and remarketing addenda. This Playbook assists Leasing companies in gathering in one place all the information a prospective purchaser would want to know in framing the amount and terms of their offer.

In representing and advising a Leasing company for sale or any assets of its Portfolio, Lamm performs a due diligence analysis of the existing portfolio or the portfolio identified for purchase by Banks. Not limited to Credit & Operational integrity, Lamm utilizes his legal skill and experience to identify problem contracts and the likelihood of recovery at what cost and expense.

Lamm’s host of bank clients provide an internal group of potential acquirers for Leasing companies that can be resourced for sale of the Leasing company (this is usually not just a function of motivation but also includes possible candidates for purchase whose internal credit criteria and portfolio management approach mirror the Buyers desirous to purchase and the Leasing company wishing to sell.