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Creditor’s Rights Litigation and Representation

Lamm Law, PC offers legal representation to financial institutions and equipment lessors in litigation matters that involve creditors’ rights. The scope of our experience includes litigation arising from loan workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcy.

Our law firm is trusted by a diverse client base to represent their businesses in a wide range of litigation matters. From disputes to injunctions, Lamm Law, PC is known for providing effective litigation services.

We provide effective legal representation in Federal trial, appellate and bankruptcy courts. Lamm Law, PC also represents clients in Pennsylvania’s State courts and 3rd circuit courts. Our litigation services encompass jury, non-jury and arbitration matters. View other areas of Lamm Law, PC’s litigation expertise.

Lamm Law, PC’s client range encompasses the area’s largest financial institutions, small businesses and start-ups, as well as individuals. We are dedicated to deliver consistent excellence, fueled by our wealth of legal knowledge and litigation experience.

We place high value on the loyalty of our clients, who place continued confidence in Lamm Law, PC. Without fail, clients applaud our team’s skill and professionalism. Visit our client testimonies page to read some of these compliments in their own words.

Our customer service approach is focused on attending to all our clients’ needs with personal attention and 24/7 readiness. This sets us apart from other firms which lack the resources to fully dedicate their time and expertise to each client. Lamm Law PC’s immediate response to arising concerns deliver effective legal solutions.

Lamm Law, PC is proud to share overviews of our previous success in creditors’ rights litigation matters. Review a short list of Lamm Law, PC’s most memorable cases below.

Lamm Law, PC’s Success in Creditors’ Rights Litigation

  • Bank financing of $10 Million dollars to debt-buying company and collection service agency:

    Anthony Lamm’s representation of the lender resulted in resolutions which favored his client. The court determined that his client has priority of secured status in consigned collection accounts owned by creditors other than borrower. In doing so, Lamm successfully challenged the secured status in accounts owned by the borrower(s). Subsequent litigation matters followed to examine and pursue remedies in state and bankruptcy courts.

  • Bank group loan of $150 Million dollars to public equipment lessor and business credit company:

    Anthony Lamm engaged in this litigation matter as Special Equipment Leasing Counsel. In this role, Lamm and his team investigated frauds that resulted from multiple pledges of the same assets and receivables.

  • Purchaser’s challenge of ‘Lessor to Lender’ sale of master equipment lease schedules without recourse:

    Anthony Lamm represented his client, the purchaser of master equipment lease schedules. Theories Lamm developed revealed the lender’s breach of representation and warranties. Lamm successfully argued that the Trustee sought recovery of payments, because the collateral held minimal value compared to payments of lease.

  • Defended multiple commercial lessors in matters under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act:

    Anthony Lamm successfully defended claims made against his clients regarding Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices. The opposition accused the lessors of failure to perform Vendor due diligence and challenged the value of leased equipment. Lamm’s representation in these litigation matters avoided $32 million worth of verdicts against their favor.

The Power of Lamm Law, PC

Anthony Lamm has proven mastery of state and federal law concerning creditors’ rights. His extensive experience with the litigation process covers federal courts and the PA court system. Whether you seek representation for a civil case, jury trial or bankruptcy case, Lamm Law will guide you towards favorable results.

Lamm Law, PC also understands the value of negotiating settlements outside of any court of law. We provide effective pre trial dispute resolutions covering a wide range of conflicts. Contact Lamm Law, PC to begin collaborating with our team and develop a strategy that fits your needs.