Equipment Leasing Recovery & Collection Our mission is to our clients.

Lamm Law, PC uses a multi-faceted approach to solve clients’ legal problems by applying the Lamm business lens and innovative legal strategies to achieve effective and cost-efficient successes in Creditors’ Rights, Work-outs & Bankruptcy and Business Transactions & Secured Lending, including Equipment Lease Finance.

Equipment Leasing Recovery & Collection

Equipment leasing is one of Lamm Law, PC’s core areas of legal focus. In litigation matters, our recovery and collection services apply in-depth knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code’s (UCC) Article 2A.

We combine mastery of UCC leasing guidelines with our creditors’ rights savvy to make lease enforcement and recovery of equipment possible. Lamm Law, PC has a long-standing reputation for our ability to overcome the most difficult legal challenges.

When clients face asset recovery challenges, our team handles Writs of Seizure to reclaim their pieces of leased equipment. When clients have difficulty enforcing terms of lease agreements, Lamm Law, PC pursues motions for summary judgment for swift results.

Anthony Lamm is recognized as a master at enforcing the “Hell or High Water” provisions. These provisions are included in all true equipment leasing contracts. By stressing the “Hell or High Water” clauses, Lamm secures lease payments that accommodate the full length of the lease term.

Lamm Law, PC often provides legal representation to clients with national equipment lease portfolios, regardless of their base location. “Floating” jurisdiction clauses allow Lamm to handle lease litigation matters in state forums and serve complaints through a national process-server. Lamm also obtains motions for default judgment in foreign jurisdictions through Lamm Law PC’s attorney network.

Lamm Law, PC also represents businesses who depend on equipment leasing from the borrower’s perspective. We have a loyal base of clients within the transportation, construction and manufacturing industries. Their businesses are fully reliant on their ability to lease essential equipment for their operations. Lamm Law, PC takes great pride in the trust these clients place in our legal services.

Anthony Lamm has extensive experience in all litigation matters that relate to equipment leasing. He has previously represented multiple lessors in a suit that concerned delinquent equipment leases. Despite the multitude of state jurisdiction provisions, Lamm was able to achieve enforcement of the delinquent leases.

He has also notably served as principal counsel on behalf of an equipment lessor with significant exposure to fraud. Lamm has a history of success in the collection of accounts related to the significant cases with fraud involved. In the early 2000s, Lamm represented clients who suffered from exposure to the fraud committed by NorVergence, Inc.

Our clients include large banks and financial institutions with expansive equipment lease portfolios. We also frequently provide representation in litigation for independent leasing companies. Lamm Law, PC strives to provide seamless and effective legal solutions to any challenges are clients may face. We also provide a variety of additional legal services that relate to equipment leasing, beyond recovery and collection litigation matters. 

The full scope of our services that apply to equipment leasing include:

  • drafts of lease agreements, operating leases, and equipment loans
  • strategic equipment finance concentrating on cash flow and provision of working capital
  • long term lease agreements with enforceable monthly payments through the entire lease period
  • management of accounts on lenders’ balance sheets

Visit our Portfolios page for more information on Lamm Law, PC’s legal services that cover  equipment asset management.

Anthony Lamm and his team also apply their knowledge and experience with all equipment leasing activities through Lamm Pro Consultancy. Learn about these advisory services over at Lamm Pro’s website.