Portfolio Acquisitions Seamless corporate marriages for better future horizons.

Anthony Lamm represents proven legal success from a career of 30 years. Throughout his experience, Lamm has served clients including many American banks and equipment leasing companies. He has developed a unique focus on equipment leasing through building these relationships. Now, Lamm applies his mastery to legal services that are refined to the needs of Lamm Law, PC’s clients.

Lamm Law, PC facilitates portfolio sales and company acquisitions with extensive experience involved in equipment leasing. We have equal background representing and advising clients on either side of these transactions. Lamm Law, PC works with leasing companies that seek to sell their portfolio(s) to a larger lessor or bank. Our team also conducts due diligence on behalf of clients considering to purchase a portfolio or acquire a company.

Portfolio Sales from the Seller’s Perspective

Lamm Law, PC performs portfolio evaluations presenting key financial criteria to potential buyers. These thorough reports are intended to represent our clients in the most favorable manner. By presenting key details in one comprehensive report, leasing companies present their portfolios with a professionalism that attracts buyers.

To measure the value of a portfolio, our evaluations account for existing receivables, types of leases, and pipeline schedules. Lamm Law, PC considers the percentages, amounts, and value associated with each account at the expiration of the leases terms.

Lamm Law, PC’s expert evaluations also present valuable information through a year by year performance analysis. Through this process, our team identifies valuable accounts versus those that raise concern with delinquencies. We also dive into the rates of depreciation on secured assets and review options to purchase or substitute equipment. Finally we take note of third-party maintenance agreements and addenda for re-marketing equipment assets.

Portfolio evaluations performed by Lamm Law, PC provide great assistance to leasing companies seeking to sell their pool of assets. Our team gathers all the information a prospective purchaser will use to frame the amount and terms of an offer.

Acquisitions from the Buyer’s Perspective

Lamm Law, PC advises clients such as larger leasing companies and banks that are interested in expanding their businesses. These services apply to both purchasing portfolios and acquiring whole companies.

Our team reviews the pool(s) of assets to advise clients on the value these portfolios could add to their business. On the other hand, Lamm Law, PC is also transparent with our clients when risks are perceived through our evaluations.

The advisory of Lamm Law, PC is always tailored to suit the business interests of individual clients. One size certainly does not fit all, especially when clients seek to strategically expand their businesses. Purchasing a portfolio or acquiring a company can add great value or become a source of significant losses.

Lamm Law, PC is dedicated to protecting our clients from potential risks in business agreements. For more information about risk management, browse our Creditors’ Rights page and our Regulatory Compliance page.

Due Diligence in Portfolio Sales and Acquisitions

Beyond the initial portfolio evaluations, our team at Lamm Law, PC also conducts due diligence analyses. This is an important aspect of the representation and advisory that we provide to both sellers or purchasers of portfolios.

Once a pool of assets is identified for sale or purchase, clients refer to us for due diligence backed by expertise. Lamm utilizes his legal skills and experience to review documentation and identify problematic contracts. He also determines the likelihood of recovery, with nod to predictable costs and expenses.

Valuable Resources and Connections

Lamm’s network of clients and colleagues in the finance industry provide an internal group of potential acquirers. Leasing companies looking to sell portfolios rely on these resources. Lamm Law, PC establishes strategic introductions between our clients and expansive network.

To promote successful sales, we match candidates for purchase based on internal credit criteria and portfolio management approach. Lamm Law, PC ensures the quality of our referrals, where the seller mirrors the buyer’s standards.

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