A Premiere Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney

Anthony Lamm of Lamm Law is one of the premiere PA bankruptcy attorneys. Lamm has over 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law and is dedicated to helping you navigate the legal waters effectively with the aim to protect yourself, your business and your assets.  Filing for bankruptcy in PA doesn’t have to be hard. Contact us today so we can help you effectively create a solid defense, debt relief plan and ultimately help you through the bankruptcy process.

Why Are We The Best Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorneys

It’s only natural to be concerned when facing bankruptcy. The law office of Lamm Law is experienced in defending creditors’ committees, investors, secured and unsecured creditors, mortgagees, purchasers of distressed assets, franchisors and many others involved in bankruptcy-related proceedings and negotiations. Lamm is committed to helping you with debt consolidation and debt relief.

Creditor Representation

Anthony Lamm specializes in handling creditor related matters. Too often, creditors find themselves having to conclude important, expensive business relationships in bankruptcy court. Lamm Law, utilizes a full understanding of the law earned in decades of high-level bankruptcy proceedings to our representation of secured and unsecured creditors. 

Lamm’s extensive experience in creditors’ committees, investors, secured and unsecured creditors related matters gives a unique perspective on matters of this type. In addition, we use insights gained from representing debtors, trustees, and other participants in debtor-creditor legal proceedings to benefit clients we represent as creditors. This makes Lamm Law a premiere Philadelphia attorney with a unique focus as a creditor’s rights attorney.

Filing for Chapter 13 

Lamm is a top Philadelphia chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in PA. Lamm Law is experienced in representing secured and unsecured creditors in Chapter 13 proceedings and working with Chapter 13 trustees. 

Filing for Chapter 7

Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy in PA doesn’t have to be hard. This is one of the most common types of filings and includes people facing garnishments, repossession, liens and foreclosure, of which, Lamm is also an expert in. Lamm Law’s approach is meant to handle bankruptcy smoothly and efficiently which can allow you effectively set in place an automatic stay which would protect you from repossession, levies, and foreclosure.

For businesses that choose chapter 7 liquidation as is its best option, we can prepare the chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and all required schedules and disclosures

Filing for Chapter 11

Lamm Law is experienced in representing creditors in litigation. Lamm is no stranger to representing investors, trustees, purchasers of distressed assets, landlords, lessors, franchisers, entrepreneurs and others who would be involved in related issues. Lamm Law will also represent landlords and equipment lessors in relief from stay motions and/or motions to compel payment of rent. Make no mistake, Lamm is a top Philadelphia chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in PA.